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School Trips

Welcome to the magical way of learning...

About our school trips

Time away from the classroom can do so much to build independence, develop empathy and teach great communication. Educational visits are a vital component in encouraging new friendships, creating memories, embracing learning from a new perspective and just generally getting lost in a moment of unforgettable fun!

Each of these London based attractions provide an exciting curriculum linked learning experience for KS1 thorough to KS4. Their magical way of learning is built on five key principles:

  1. Immersive hands-on curriculum learning
  2. Relationship development between pupils and their peers
  3. An escape from the pressures of learning
  4. Supporting teachers in the classroom 
  5. Unforgettable fun

Our educational programmes are exclusive to school groups and offer admission rates from as little as £6 per pupil, including complimentary teacher tickets, planning tickets and flexible book now, pay later options

Explore our exciting learning experiences below

Students on the London Eye

A classroom in the sky

KS2-KS3 pupils have the opportunity to learn:

In History and Geography..

  • Locate and categorise London's main Physical and Human features into North, South, East and West compass positions
  • Describe the Physical and Human features of London in relation to the capital's history
  • Analyse the impact of London's architecture on its environment, culture and tourism industry
  • Use numerical data in order to evaluate the purposes of the different buildings in London's skyline

In Art and DT..

  • Understand and compare the impact of great artists architects and designers throughout history

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